Your Taxes At Work



Thank you Reuters TV for reporting on this most important development.

Naming rights
Trump now has an Israeli settlement named after him. “Trump Heights” is a planned neighborhood in the Golan Heights, honoring his decision to recognize the occupied land as part of Israel.
This is all you need to know about the illegal Occupation of Palestine by Israel. 
The fact that Bibi and Donald are best buddies is all you’ll ever need to know about how ridiculously stupid each man is. 
If this post bothers you, it’s time to get educated about the cancer attacking America’s heart and soul because our taxes support this insanity. 


  1. Dick Manhire ) says

    Yes, unfortunately our taxes do support the many outrageous ideas Trump proposes and enacts. It seems as if the Senate Republicans under Mitch McConnell and Attorney General Wm Barr (now part of the Executive Branch–he thinks) only add fuel to this fire of corruption, incompetence, and mismanagement. Pray for our country–that democracy will with-stand these threats from within.

    Along with prayer, the task at hand for Americans is clear: Support a candidate who can oust Trump in 2020. This is critical. Vote and encourage family members and neighbors to vote as well.

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