The Other Side of Despair

I’m aware that some of the things posted on this website can cause frustration, anger…even despair. My heartfelt hope though, is that you will discover that trying to ignore what’s going on in our world is not helpful. For sure it’s not in the long run. My dear grandmother was fond of saying: “If you stay in bed all day you won’t get hit by a train.” Her point of course was that in avoiding a potential confrontation with a speeding locomotive you will miss most of what makes life worth living.

Josh Fox and Chris Hedges in the video below are men who miss nothing this life has to offer. If you watch this you’ll notice that, in spite of their dealing with tough issues, both of these men laugh easily. They also play music. Their children dance. Both men are fully alive and happy!

The ONLY way to the other side of despair is through it. Josh Fox’s new documentary makes that point in a challenging yet very beautiful way. It would literally bring music to my Gramma’s heart. Give Chris Hedges’ interview with Fox a few minutes and see if you don’t feel a lot better about the future. Yes you may shed a tear or two but you’ll be well on your way to the other side of despair.

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