Recreate the format of http://cpcucc.org/

  • Background color
  • Rounded corners with border
  • Color 
  • Header graphic at top using acjtHeader.jpg  (in WP Media)
  • Slideshow or slider below header graphic
  • Menu below slideshow or slider
  • sidebar – content – sidebar format
  • Also template for sidebar -content and no sidebar
  • No need to add content.  My client isn’t sure which content he want’s to copy over yet. 
  • For the slideshow, use any images.  I’ll swap images in.  So please use a slideshow or slider plugin that’s pretty easy to use. 
  • Preferably use Genesis child theme and the slider called Genesis Responsive Slider  (both installed, child theme called Sample)
  • Preferably use Genesis Simple Hooks to place widget between header and navigation for the Responsive Slider.  (installed)
  • Okay to use Thematic if you prefer.
  • Please upload any psd or ai files to a folder called /resources or something like that
  • The original site is at https://acjt.org/acjt.org/Home.html  But there’s no need to copy that content over.  I’m not sure what content will get copied over besides the few pages I’ve copied over already.
  • There’s no need to match http://cpcucc.org/ exactly.   Please modify the child theme with css or whatever will be easy for us to work with on this end.   Remember, we’re not that smart over here.   In fact, I’m rather slow. 

Maraming salamat!