Revolution or Insurrection? Whatever you call it, change is happening

Conventional wisdom at the beginning of this presidential primary season said this:

  1. There’s absolutely no way Donald Trump can possibly prevail
  2. Bernie Sanders’ campaign will likely fizzle after the first week or two, certainly by Super Tuesday

Now we see how the power elite was wrong…in both parties.

The attached interview with Bill Curry explains how and why that happened. But by far the most interesting thing about this interview is that Curry says very clearly that the Tea Party insurrection against the established Republican power base in the last couple of elections is likely being (or could be) replicated by the Bernie revolution this year. Curry’s opinion could easily be discounted and rejected except that he has the chops to know what he’s talking about. For one thing, he was an advisor/speech-writer for Bill Clinton. And he has stayed closely tied to the inner workings of the Democratic Party since then.

Give this short video a look. I think you will find in more than a little bit interesting.


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