Relax, this is not political

I’m going to ask you to suspend your natural reaction to this statement: “The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease”
OK, I get it. That’s way too much to ask.  How about this then: “Kids Are Better Off In School”
What are we saying about ourselves when every important issue of the day is heard as political? 
I invite you to read this article without making any assumptions about the author’s choice for President. Keep in mind she is a professor of economics at Brown University (read: not a white, uneducated male from the Midwest.) If you don’t get my point, go back to watching your favorite Fox News personality. 
Good. You’re still with me.  Please click here, read the article and spend a few minutes on the graphs. One of the things you’ll see is:  “… if we are looking for ways to control community spread, shutting down schools is not the answer. This is where New York City is making a mistake.” Enter your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Richard Alan Manhire says

    This is an excellent up close look at the Corona Virus situation by Emily Oster, Economics Prof at Brown University. To get an educated picture of the Covid 19 infection distribution, she divided up the Zip Code areas in New York State and put each Zip code in one of 6 buckets ranging from low to high infection areas. This research was done primarily during the Sept-Oct period. And within each Zip area, school’s scored low in Covid 19 reported cases, even while surrounding areas, same Zip code, had greater contact numbers. Schools are not responsible for being “super-spreaders.”

    Emily Oster doesn’t delve into the psychological/social issues, but I’ll just mention a few.
    The benefits of in-school teaching are numerous: School breakfast & lunches, one on one teacher-student contact, socialization with fellow students, better class dialog and participation, more and better teaching, less computerizing, fewer computer interruptions, etc.
    My vote is to get back to in-school learning. Our kids are missing out Essentially, my grandson missed his senior year of high school.

    • John Hickox says

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Now you should prepare to be loved by those on the right who will assume you’ve crossed over and become a Trumpstere; and reviled by those on the left who will also assume you’ve crossed over and become a Trumpster.

      Finally, I know I don’t have to mention that Ms. Oster’s recommendation is aimed at students through 8th grade only but I understand your lamenting your grandson missing most of his senior year. Two of my three school age grandchildren are in high school and I desperately want them experiencing in-person teaching again.

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