Politics As Usual? I Hope Not

Why do we so-called Christians turn ourselves inside-out trying to balance Israel’s 76 year atrocity of systematically wiping Palestine off the map with Hamas’s one attack?

Jesus lasted only 33 years in a similar but less egregious Occupation.

So far no politician is willing to risk their position of “leadership” by stepping up and calling Joe Biden out for his unconscionable support of Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

One of the few things I’ve learned for sure in my 82 years walking this tortured land is that the Executive and Legislative branches are much more likely to do the politically prudent thing than the right thing.

So it’s up to us people! If we’re going to save Palestine we need to call for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza.


  1. Dick Manhire says

    You know what a “Knee-jerk” reaction is? Protecting and supporting Israel in all cases, in all situations without reasonable cause. “Don’t confuse me with facts, my minds made up.”
    Both Israel and Hamas have a part in the current situation. Maybe the stronger force will need to step up and initiate a solution if the Middle East truly wants lasting peace.
    Surely, a safe “Home land” for the Palestinians is top of their wants. I don’t think that is unreasonable. Maybe this new “Homeland” territory can come from neighboring countries–of course, land ownership will be a big hurdle to resolve and then we get into politics again.
    A peaceful “Homeland” is central to any outcome.

  2. Rev, Catherine Alder says

    Before October 7, the Palestinians endured 76 years of a brutal occupation by Israel. That includes death of thousands, stolen land, bulldozed homes, teens arrested in the middle of the night, people imprisoned for years without charges. skunk water sprayed on homes, apartheid roads, stolen water rights, burned olive trees and crops, and murdered animals.
    Gaza before October 7 was fenced in with overhead surveillance, no airport, fishing boats sunk at sea over 6 miles out, a sewage plant bombed pouring waste into the streets, water and electricity shut off at the whim of Israel, and no exists out of Gaza.. Teens protesting in Gaza have been shot in the legs by IDF soldiers resulting in amputations. Every few years Israel bombed Gaza calling it “Mowing the Grass”.
    October 7, in every sense of the word, was a prison break. October 7 did not happen in a vacuum. That is only a small list of the abusive oppression of the Palestinians by the Israelis.
    ll’ll accept that some of our leaders may not be aware of these abuses. But that is not true of Secretary Blinken and our President as well as others who have traveled there personally. I have been there four times myself and have seen these things with my own eyes. It is inexcusable for President Biden to send weapons to Israel at this time using our tax dollars to support this genocide in plain sight. That makes us further complicit with Israel. Our leaders who are aware of what the occupation really means seem to be much more interested in maintaining their positions of power than doing what is right. We must not fall into that trap.
    It is time to stand up to our leaders to demand a permanent ceasefire, release of the thousands of Palestinian hostages held in Israeli prisons along with Hamas held hostages, stopping all aid to Israel because of this ongoing genocide. We should call for peace talks with all parties involved brokered by others besides the United States as we are clearly on one side of the equation.
    I am reminded of what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said. “It is not the words of our enemies we will remember, but the silence of our friends.” We, as Christians, must not remain silent in the face of this genocidal nightmare.

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