Paul Ehrlich and the Koch Brothers

I remember watching Paul Ehrlich on the evening news back in 1968 or ’69 and being impressed enough to get his book “The Population Bomb.” I was very disturbed by what he was saying but I was also young, driven, and most unfortunately, really good at rationalizing and putting the enormity of his message out of my mind.
So. I’m way slow on the uptake, but now it seems clear … Ehrlich was spot-on in telling us our rate of growth was not sustainable … that eventually we wouldn’t be able to feed everyone, or more to the point, we wouldn’t even have enough water to drink! But I’m not sure even he could see that the real problem would be that a very tiny percentage of that mass of humanity would essentially say: “I don’t care about those 7 billion other people. I’m going to take care of me and mine and to hell with everyone else.”
For a couple of years now I’ve wondered how can the 1% sleep soundly at night? The answer: They’ve known for some time that humanity and most other life is ending and they’ve decided the best way to deal with that is to surround themselves (and maybe their great-grandchildren) with all the green they can … money, trees, golf courses, infinity pools, private Caribbean islands, etc. They know this grand experiment called humanity has failed and they are going to work real hard and take as much as they can of what’s left of Earth’s resources and let the rest of us “fiddle while Rome burns” so to speak.
Please watch this 9 minute clip

and tell me if you have a better explanation for what’s happening in and to our world.

PS: If you think I’m crazy, I’ll understand if you decide to just keep that to yourself.

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