John Pilger, a prophet for our tortured time

I invite you to read just a couple of paragraphs of this speech. If you find it’s more than you can handle right now, I understand. Believe me I do.

Even so I encourage you to read on. You will find it, strangely enough, a breath of refreshing and clean air. That’s because your subconscious mind knows everything John Pilger says here is true. 

As I quote Desmond Tutu on the home page of this web site:

When we look squarely at injustice and get involved, we actually feel less pain, not more, because we overcome the gnawing guilt and despair that festers under our numbness.  We clean the wound – our own and others – and it can finally heal.”

One more thing, this is of course a very political issue. That’s because the powerful and wealthy Israeli lobby has bought and paid for the Executive and Legislative branches of our government for 20 plus years. I’m stating this here because the Corporate State, Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Oil and others saw Israel’s success and have been pouring millions directly into the  inner workings of our government in recent years. Citizen’s United is just one example of the sickening power of these very profitable interests.

There’s one very important thing to be said here. If you go to Israel today you’ll learn, maybe to your surprise, that a majority of Israeli Jews are against the Occupation and think the wall should come down. And over in Palestine when you ask a Palestinian if s/he hates Americans they’ll quickly say “of course not. But I really don’t like Trump and 95% of the Congress.”                                    


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