Jerusalem As Capitol

Let’s be very clear about one thing. Neither Benjamin Netanyahu nor Donald Trump cares that they are alone in the world. Netanyahu–and not one other world leader–supports Trump’s latest atrocity. Our President says the United States will now recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. Doing so will not bring about peace. On the contrary, it will likely bring on a war in the Middle East. Both men know that! Why would these so-called leaders want war? Two reasons:  

Netanyahu wants the United States to use our military to do his dirty work and wipe out Iran and Lebanon. 

Trump is one of the 100 or so ridiculously wealthy “old white guys” who reap insane profits from the war industry.

Of course each of these despotic leaders no doubt enjoys the fact that, right now at least, the challenges to their positions due to their personal indiscretions seem to have gone away.

Enough said?


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