I love you Joe Biden, that’s why I’m saying this to you now.

Joe,  you’ve done more for our country than any of your predecessors. Wait. I forgot about Abe Lincoln. Maybe old Abe would rate a bit higher than you on the moral bravery scale. But that’s only because he probably would have thrown political prudence out the window, meaning he would not have told Bibi “We are brothers and we’ll do great things together.” Let me say that another way. Joe Biden mistakenly thought it would help him politically to continue our all-Israel-all-the-time foreign policy.

Now that I have your attention, let me break away from the ridiculous notion that our President will ever read this post. But you are reading it and I’m an incurable optimist and I’m going to hope that you will continue reading and then take action.

As a retired Board Certified hospital chaplain I write this with some authority. In my opinion job one for a hospital chaplain is to make sure the patient doesn’t become the care giver. Consider this scenario: A woman who’s been fighting cancer for 10 years hears her daughter say through trembling voice and tear-streaked cheeks::  “C’mon Mom. You’re strong. Don’t give up. You can beat this thing. Please Mama! You can win this battle.” All you women who have given birth know what I mean when I say that you, at this point would take another big, maybe very painful breath and respond with something like: “OK honey, If that’s what you want I’ll keep fighting as long as I can.”

A hospital Chaplain knows he’s done his job well when a patient asks: “Is God going to hate me if I say I don’t want to do this anymore?” With no equivocation the chaplain responds, “Of course not! God loves you. God will never ask you to do anything that hurts you.”

Now dear reader, if you care about Joe Robinette Biden, you will stop pushing him to continue his insane struggle to be re-elected. Let’s face it … those who are telling him he needs to stay on for a second term are guilty of the most extreme form of elder abuse.

Of course we cann0t allow Donald Trump and his Trumplethinskin disciples another 4 years. but you and I both watched old Joe’s heart break at the beginning of the debate debacle. His advisors had drilled into him for a week that he needed to soldier on. So like a good soldier. he dug down and tried to somehow, miraculously betcome again the great leader he’s been in the past. But you and I saw his eyes, his trembling mouth, as he realized he was losing, that he had nothing left to give.

At that point someone, some very brave someone, most likely a woman, should have rushed to his side and held him as he collapsed into her arms.

But no. No one did anything. On the contrary. They didn’t help him in any way. We’re lucky he didn’t die of a massive stroke right there, in front of 2 billion people around the world.

I know. Fully a third of our population would love to see that happen. I’m not one of them. I literally don’t think I could live through another four years of Donald John Trump as my President. Think three more far right-wing justices on the Supreme Court just for starters. 

Face it people. Joe will lose to Trump. He’s always going to be a very nice guy. He’s always going to be the one who served with Barak Obama. BUT HE’S NO LONGER ABLE TO DO THE JOB. He will get trounced by Trump! As hard as that would be for the country, think how devastating it will be for him. It will kill him. Again, if you love him you won’t continue this insanity.

OK. Enough of this gut-wrenchingly negative talk. I’ll end with this very good news. The kinds of revolutionary changes that we would realize from a President Otis Moss, Marianne Willimson or ?? is that we’d all live in a better America. A better America folks. The War Industry and the Fossil Fuel Industry and the Health Insurance Industry will no longer have a strangle-hold in Washington D.C. Think about it.

I’m not prone to histrionics but please, if you have a personal relationship with him … or know someone (most probably a woman) who does, PLEASE go to her, convince her to get with Joe and tell him:  “Joe,  if  you will stop this insanity you can leave the oval office with dignity and with honor.”

Then all the rest of us can join in unison  “Well done, good and faithful servant.”






  1. Catherine Alder says

    Thank you for this, John. I whole heartedly agree. He has done a great job pulling us out of the pandemic and the insanity of trump’s attack on our nation. I hope he will pass the torch to Kamala right after the RepubliCON convention. That will keep her from being beaten up there. It will give her the Biden/Harris election war chest. She will be the incumbent running against a convicted felon. Our first Black/Indian woman as president is alright to me. ( I spell trump with no capital T because he is a baby still, a mean one, but a baby.)

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