“I even convinced Strom Thurmond!”

According to Politico 49% of Americans think our President is not mentally fit.

That poll was taken before dear old Joe’s marathon news conference yesterday. The 49% number must be higher today. I challenge you to listen to any 20 minute segment of the two hour conference and tell me you think Joseph R. Biden is up to the job. He still believes he can build a coalition of Republicans and Democrats to get his voting rights act passed!!!

He said a few days ago, and then repeated it yesterday, that when he was a Senator and chairman of the Judiciary Committee he convinced even Strom Thurmond to go for the Voting Rights Act. Dear, DEAR Mr. President, that was then and now is now. There was still a modicum of collegiality in D.C. at that time. More importantly, you are not the same man you were back then.

We need to face the very hard truth that our President is delusional. Yes … delusional. Someone, anyone, who loves him enough, is close enough to him to convince him it’s time to retire, needs to go to him–must go to him–and gently and lovingly take him out of his misery.





  1. Richard Alan Manhire says

    I think you’d discover that at least 49% of Americans believe that Donald Trump is not mentally fit, nor emotionally balanced, nor empathetic to any one different, nor educated sufficiently to represent the interests of a democratic form of government, nor honest with his personal and business dealings. With Trump, our democracy teeters on the brink of collapse– fascism appears to be his choice of government with himself as dictator.

    I’m hesitant to spend time, precious time, focusing on Biden’s weaknesses when Trump’s desire to end “government by and for the people” is so obvious, obvious to me anyway. Biden may not be the strongest candidate for the Democrats in 2024, but let’s support him through this initial term and help him accomplish “build back better,” and fair and equal “voting rights” for all people.

    • John Hickox says

      Sounds like you’re saying that, since Trump has at least as many detractors as Biden there is no need to worry about Biden. From where I sit, that’s the real cancer this country is dealing with. Of course Joe Biden is better than Trump. You’ll get no argument from me there. But here’s my deep and sincere concern. I think those of us who lean left these days were so relieved to get Trump out of office we’re now blind to how dangerously close we are to losing the slim legislative advantage we currently have. Joe Biden won’t–or more likely cannot–see that. He really thinks the his personal charisma is going to win the day. It’s as though he thinks he will win over Ted Cruz et al like he did Strom Thurmond.

      It’s one thing for him, in his dotage, to believe that. But it’s a whole ‘nuther thing for us to stand by and do nothing … and merely hope he’s up to it.

  2. re: “He still believes he can build a coalition of Republicans and Democrats to get his voting rights act passed!!!” Or maybe he just wants the obstructionists to have to go on record for having voted against a very popular bill

    • John Hickox says

      So let me get this straight. You think when the obstructionists have to “go on record for having voted against a very popular bill” somehow the 7 out of 10 white male Republicans who still think Trump won will see how wrong they are?!!!

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