I was in East Jerusalem the day Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office announced he would be coming to Israel (West Jerusalem) “to speak at a museum ground-breaking.”   Four days later I walked 3 blocks from our hotel in Palestine (East Jerusalem) and stood on the spot where the museum will be built.  What the Western Press has not even mentioned is that the site of the new museum “to promote tolerance” is a several millennia-old Palestinian cemetery.

Arnold fulfilled his commitment last Saturday. Now here’s the thing.  Sexual abuse of prisoners in Iraq is a bad thing.  We United Statesians understand that.  But we need to get our hearts and minds around the fact that building a 3-story tolerance (sic) museum with a 3-level underground parking structure on a sacred burial site is evil.  It is an ecclesiastical sin!

Here’s the really tough part.  Evil and sin is one thing.  But from a purely enlightened self-interest standpoint, ratcheting up the hatred many outside our borders feel for us is political and economic suicide.  Arnold isn’t our President yet but he expects to be.  The question is, how much less likely is it that he would have done this incredibly stupid thing as the President?  Or, better yet, how likely is it that Bush might have done it had he been asked?

Question:  Do you care?

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