Don’t Say “I’m Your Ally”

I’d like to challenge you to a small wager … hopefully large enough to get your attention. You think you’re a liberal and progressive person? I’ll bet you $100 you’re not liberal enough, or progressive enough, to hear this interview without at least one time saying to yourself “this guy is really pissing me off.”

Ready? Here’s the On Being podcast from July 9, 2020.  This is a great example of first having to deal with the detritus before you can get to the bright, clean, life fulfilling and life affirming truth. Let me know how you did.

(Oh, I forgot to tell you, the bet is off if you’re black.)

Cheers and good luck!



  1. Richard A Manhire says

    An excellent eye opening dialogue between Robin DiAngelo and Resmaa Menakem discussing race standing in our culture today. No easy answers here, but an awareness that for the white race, in particular, the “seduction of comfort” is a cultural obstacle hindering race relation understanding. I don’t really like the word understanding, better, acceptance, (don’t really like that either). The willingness for whites to work through and beyond the framework that’s always existed in our white thought reality is our goal. We’re looking for a place where blacks see our efforts as pure love directed without any “strings attached” or any underlying sense of entitlements legislated. Truly Love can’t be legislated…It is a heart thing.
    Can we whites automatically respond or function in that way with the black race? A little off the topic, but I’m thinking, what if we all were either black or white? Which segment of our world then would we pick to discriminate against. Says something about our human nature, doesn’t speak well of us world inhabitants. I’m pessimistic about how real we can be with each other–regardless of our protestations, our marches, our fund risers, etc.
    This has opened areas for real thought—a work in progress for all of us.

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