Diplomacy Delays The Inevitable

I’ve said it before on this blog and it’s time to say it again. Diplomacy. Merely. Delays. the Inevitable.

Kudos for Joe Biden. Today he did something no American President has had the stones to do before. He openly opposed an Israeli Prime Minister. But there’s one big problem. Our lovable (but old) President’s opposition is woefully wrong-headed. Joe thinks, as almost all politicians think, that diplomacy can work in a situation like this. The this in this case is Iran obtaining nuclear arms. 

His Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid said “No! Diplomacy will not work!” How can he be so sure?  Because it’s never worked—and never will—with Israel!    For 74 years now, Israel has happily sat and watched as international leaders (Read: diplomats) give in to Israel’s illegal (according to the UN) Occupation of Palestine. And here’s why Joe should listen to Lapid. Iran’s leadership has gone to school on how well it’s worked for Israel to go on doing what they want to while the diplomats dither.

You’d be right to say “But wait, the reason that’s worked so well for Israel is that we all feel so much empathy for all the suffering the Jewish people had to endure throughout the Holocaust.”

If you think that reasoning is part of Iran’s calculus a reality check is in order. All Iran knows is that Israel is their sworn enemy. And they’ve been very good students. They’ve  watched and learned that the best way to achieve your strategic goals is to sit back while America and other world leaders play the diplomacy game.

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