Did Jesus Play Soccer?

Here’s the sermon I preached last Sunday. I turned 81 on Wednesday so I don’t have the chops to deliver it as well as I might have 5 or 10  years ago but it’s probably the best one I’ve ever written. My main hope was that people would get it that Jesus claimed he didn’t […]

Coming To The Father

Jesus didn’t really say “believe in me.” What he said was “be like me.” (see the article below.) He also said “you can do this, the same amazing stuff I do, even more amazing things than I do.”  There is only one very simple caveat. All that is necessary is to act like him. (John […]

For My A-theistic Friends

The God you don’t believe in? I don’t believe in ‘him’ either. (More on that later.)  But I do believe in a beloved son in whom the benevolent universe was “well-pleased.” You might reasonably counter: “So why do you believe in Jesus? You’ve never seen, touched, or been touched by him.” My response to you […]

Despair? Nope

Picking up from where I left off a couple of days ago, let me make it very clear. I know what I say here may be flawed. But if I’m right? Well …   So here goes.   1994 through 1998 were the best four years of my life! No equivocation on that.  24 hours […]

Virgin Birth, Really?

ALERT! This article may frustrate or even anger you. If you fully embrace your religion and are happy with how well it’s working for you, please, read no further. If on the other hand you long for more from your faith system, please read on. Also, if you have pretty much left religion behind, I […]