Mission Possible

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it,” is to read this piece through to the end. Unfortunately whether or not you admit Chris Hedges is right, the truths he’s telling will not go away. Here’s the thing though, ignoring this admittedly disturbing article won’t work in the long run. The fact that you’re reading […]

The Wages of Rebellion is Life

I am in awe of Chris Hedges. I mean, I am awed by him. Christopher Lynn Hedges is awe-full. Here’s the Chris Hedges who amazes me so: “You resist, not because of what you achieve, but for what it allows you to become.”  What a wonderfully humble way to say “I resist.” And, “I do […]

Paul Ehrlich and the Koch Brothers

I remember watching Paul Ehrlich on the evening news back in 1968 or ’69 and being impressed enough to get his book “The Population Bomb.” I was very disturbed by what he was saying but I was also young, driven, and most unfortunately, really good at rationalizing and putting the enormity of his message out […]

Wall Street Bankers

They used to be too big to fail. Now they’re too big to jail!