The Wages of Rebellion is Life

I am in awe of Chris Hedges. I mean, I am awed by him. Christopher Lynn Hedges is awe-full. Here’s the Chris Hedges who amazes me so: “You resist, not because of what you achieve, but for what it allows you to become.”  What a wonderfully humble way to say “I resist.” And, “I do […]

Paul Ehrlich and the Koch Brothers

I remember watching Paul Ehrlich on the evening news back in 1968 or ’69 and being impressed enough to get his book “The Population Bomb.” I was very disturbed by what he was saying but I was also young, driven, and most unfortunately, really good at rationalizing and putting the enormity of his message out […]

Wall Street Bankers

They used to be too big to fail. Now they’re too big to jail!