I love you Joe Biden, that’s why I’m saying this to you now. Joe,  you’ve done more for our country than any of your predecessors. Wait. I forgot about Abe Lincoln. Maybe old Abe would rate a bit higher than you on the moral bravery scale. But that’s only because he probably would have […]


90% of Joe’s speech tonight was prophetic, powerful, even triumphant.  Why oh why did he feel it necessary to repeat Israel’s far right bovine excrement about how e.g., Hamas is hiding terrorists in hospitals and in tunnels underground to make Israel look bad. Yes, a few members of Hamas have been killed in hospitals but […]

Politics As Usual? I Hope Not

Why do we so-called Christians turn ourselves inside-out trying to balance Israel’s 76 year atrocity of systematically wiping Palestine off the map with Hamas’s one attack? Jesus lasted only 33 years in a similar but less egregious Occupation. So far no politician is willing to risk their position of “leadership” by stepping up and calling […]

A Prophet For Our Time

[There’s nothing I might say about this piece from Michael Moore that wouldn’t diminish the message. So here it is, in all its prophetic power] Friends, Two years ago today, we defeated an attempted coup in our country. The attack by domestic terrorists, operating on the orders of a treasonous defeated president, attacked our Capitol […]

Numbers Greater Than This Planet Can Sustain

In the 40’s my best friend’s family and my family attended a very conservative “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it for me” church. You were expected not to ask questions like, “What kind of whale was it?” (See Frederick Buechner below.) My great and good old friend is still of that […]

Diplomacy Delays The Inevitable

I’ve said it before on this blog and it’s time to say it again. Diplomacy. Merely. Delays. the Inevitable. Kudos for Joe Biden. Today he did something no American President has had the stones to do before. He openly opposed an Israeli Prime Minister. But there’s one big problem. Our lovable (but old) President’s opposition […]


I encourage you to invite your conservative friends and family to listen to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, maybe even all of this? and give you their response, their honest feelings about it.    Tell them you’re serious, you really want to, need to know what they think about it. If it’s easier, they can just pick […]

“I even convinced Strom Thurmond!”

According to Politico 49% of Americans think our President is not mentally fit. That poll was taken before dear old Joe’s marathon news conference yesterday. The 49% number must be higher today. I challenge you to listen to any 20 minute segment of the two hour conference and tell me you think Joseph R. Biden […]

Trump Re-Elected??!!

“Stop saying he’s crazy. He’s crazy like a fox.”   Michael Moore           So you think there’s no way Trump can be re-elected in 2020. That’s not thinking. That’s hoping.   Here’s what we need to wake up to. He can and will be elected to a second term if things don’t […]