Many Americans think that if we don’t continue our ‘all Israel all the time’ mantra, nations like Iran, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Yemen will join together and attack us. The USA faces no greater risk morally, politically, spiritually, and yes militarily than continuing our insane bias toward Israel.  

Truth Talking

Only my opinion of course, but I believe Dr. Khalidi is unique in that he has nothing to lose by telling the truth.    https://www.scientists4palestine.com/webinar-latest-phase/

Pro-Israeli Biases

So much is being left out of the current coverage, in large part due to conflating understanding the context with condoning terrorist violence.  Democracy Now, MSNBC, and at times even CNN have dared to bring the perspective of the past into the conversation, hosting guests like Ben Rhodes, Mustava Barghouti, Rashid Khalidi (author of The Hundred […]

Diplomacy Delays The Inevitable

I’ve said it before on this blog and it’s time to say it again. Diplomacy. Merely. Delays. the Inevitable. Kudos for Joe Biden. Today he did something no American President has had the stones to do before. He openly opposed an Israeli Prime Minister. But there’s one big problem. Our lovable (but old) President’s opposition […]


Joe Biden:  “Israel has the right to defend themselves.” I’m sorry Mr. President. In this case Israel forfeited any option to describe their aggressive actions against Palestinians as defensive when it was their offenses that started the horribly ugly affair.   Let’s start with 8 days ago, rabid settlers marching past the home of my good […]

Two Trees In Palestine

I’ve previously shared on this blog Frederick Buechner’s always entertaining daily offering. Here’s another great example of how, in my opinion, religion should always be done, not taking itself too seriously, but always aware of its importance in the overall scheme of things. DEBORAH WAS ISRAEL’S ONLY WOMAN JUDGE. She looked like Golda Meir and […]

The (ahem) Deal of the Century

Let me be very clear. For Palestinians the so-called Deal of the Century is a complete non-starter. To begin with, at least five of the key demands it puts forth are ludicrous from Palestine’s standpoint. Netanyahu knows that. Jared Kushner knows that. Who knows what Donald John Trump knows? The point is, Israel’s leaders and […]

Your Taxes At Work

        Thank you Reuters TV for reporting on this most important development. Naming rights Trump now has an Israeli settlement named after him. “Trump Heights” is a planned neighborhood in the Golan Heights, honoring his decision to recognize the occupied land as part of Israel.   This is all you need to […]

A Jewish Woman Prophet

I’ve been saying it for years and I’ll say it again, any discussion about Israel and Palestine that doesn’t begin and end with the word Occupation is fatally flawed.   Recently I’ve begun saying, along with a growing number of Israeli Jews, the Occupation of Palestine by Israel is not sustainable. This woman could conceivably […]

Jerusalem As Capitol

Let’s be very clear about one thing. Neither Benjamin Netanyahu nor Donald Trump cares that they are alone in the world. Netanyahu–and not one other world leader–supports Trump’s latest atrocity. Our President says the United States will now recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. Doing so will not bring about peace. On the contrary, it will […]