Can This Be Church?

Bet you never thought church could be like this.
Here you are nourished and thrilled by a full orchestra played by seasoned and professional instrumentalists. I know. That happens in lots of churches today but here’s the thing. Most of these instruments are played by members of the congregation. Yes. I did say most of the instruments were played by professionals who are also members of the congregation.
Notice the congregation—all ages, ethnic derivations, and religious affiliations.  Yes.  And the  scripture readings were in Hebrew read by a Jewish Rabbi and in Arabic by a Muslim Imam.
And the sermon; my gosh the preacher—as all the preachers there do—spoke out boldly about justice, like the prophets of old. By the way, I want you to notice, that as is the case with all strong men, when Ed Bacon goes silent it isn’t  because he forgets what he wants to say. It’s because he can’t  talk without bursting into tears.
If you only have 90 seconds, just one and a half minutes right now, to hear some prophetic and profound words, fast forward to 58 minutes and watch until 59 1/2 minutes into the video. Please notice the call for all of us to be agents for change. When we speak out loudly and forcefully against the hateful rhetoric aimed at Muslims that poisons our country today, we do our part at bringing positive change to our aching world.
Another place that may draw your attention is the preacher’s expression of an atheism that is most welcome in this church. (at 61 minutes into the video)
I invite you to carve out a few minutes to “go to church” and watch some of this video. I think it will nourish your soul.

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