Boatload of Cash



Nick Faldo said Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia and others left the PGA tour for “a boatload of cash.” He said it condescendingly, frustradedly because their leaving for the Saudi-backed LIV Golf threatens the viability of the PGA tour. 
I too oppose these super-stars leaving the tour. But not because I’m all that concerned about the future of the PGA. I’m concerned about the future of Phil, Dustin, and Sergio. No. Let me take that back. Those guys know what they’re doing—or think they do. But I am concerned about their families … their wives, their children, their grandchildren. 
We’re told that Phil got $200 million. Who knows what the actual amount was? Who knows what the others got? Whatever. As Sir Nick said, it was a boatload of cash. 
It’s hard to get our minds around those kinds of numbers. But one thing’s sure … for 9 out of 10 people massive amounts of money are a curse. I will say more about that in a future post. I’ll close this one with a question. Would you have turned down $200 million?


  1. A boat load of cash is tempting, however, I need to think very seriously about who I am and where my loyalties truly belong!
    I should also consider my family and what I am saying if I accept the money!
    If I accept this proposal, I am saying to my children and the world, that no matter what the cost , MONEY is
    more important than loyalty!
    If I am honest and true to myself, my integrity is more important than any amount of money!

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  3. Gene Parker says

    John: I have friends who I golf with and they all have criticized the PGA players who have joined the LIV golf tour sponsored by Saudi Arabia, saying it is just of bunch of millionaires chasing after more millions. I enjoy playing and watching golf, but it is sad to see the sport being ruined by money. I would like to think that if I was given a chance to get $200 million, I would spread it around and do as much good as possible.

  4. Cheryl Mohr Manhire says

    If I was offered $200,000,000 from Saudi Arabia, I would say, “No”. What would they want in return? It’s a scary idea. Phil Micklelson has been a favorite golfer of mine for many years. I was disappointed in him. I wonder what he will learn they really want.

  5. May the “boatload of cash” float. While this is not an impressive path compared to your previous causes/endeavor, your expressed concern for the superstar golfers’ families deserves applause–regardless of the financial windfall.—-Yes, I would accept the buck$, conscientiously distributing to preferred non-profits, setting aside a modest amount for nice organic gardening, my cremation, my sister’s healthcare, etc.—-many blessings in your pursuits, John

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