What does it mean when the most conservative and most liberal Veterans organizations agree on something? It means we need to sit up and take notice, that’s what! All Things Considered aired this yesterday: “Recent US Veterans Are Coming to Consensus On Iran and Iraq–Across Party Lines”  The lead-in to the piece was:  “Veterans groups […]

Time To Cash That Reality Check

This blog is mostly about human rights and justice. But like most of what goes on today … e.g. business, religion, along with human rights and justice … it usually comes down to politics. I’ve not been writing on this blog for a couple of months mostly because I needed a break. But you don’t […]

Feeling Good!

I woke up this morning thinking how good it must have felt when Abraham Lincoln was President. The Sergeant at Arms introduced his State of the Union address with: “Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States!” I know, I know, not everyone was happy. But I would have been. Today I am feeling pretty […]

Existential Angst

It’s all Neil deGrasse Tyson’s fault. First it was his “Cosmos: Spacetime Odyssey” on television. Then it was his irresistible book title: Astro-physics For People In A Hurry. Tyson says stars blow up and spread the hydrogen and oxygen necessary for life.  All my life I’ve been successfully avoiding any tendency I might have for […]

“Deja vu All Over Again”

  The following headline is typical of what’s been in the media the past few days … not just Fox News, all the media: “Militarized Iranian fast-boats prevented tug boats from salvaging damaged oil tanker, US officials say” Hmmmm. Where have I heard this kind of thing before? Oh! I know. “Gulf of Tonkin incident” […]

Your Taxes At Work

        Thank you Reuters TV for reporting on this most important development. Naming rights Trump now has an Israeli settlement named after him. “Trump Heights” is a planned neighborhood in the Golan Heights, honoring his decision to recognize the occupied land as part of Israel.   This is all you need to […]

“Mr. President”

What happens inside of you when you say “President Trump” Me? I have to suppress a gag reflex. President Trump.  President Trump.  President Trump. Nope. Sorry. Can’t do it. 

A Song Of Revolution

 If you miss Bob Marley you’ll be happy to hear he was alive and well in Pasadena, CA yesterday. I wish you had been there. But you know what? This video will bring you close. OK. You’re right, Andre Henry isn’t Bob Marley. But still … you tell me if this beautiful man doesn’t bring […]

For My A-theistic Friends

The God you don’t believe in? I don’t believe in ‘him’ either. (More on that later.)  But I do believe in a beloved son in whom the benevolent universe was “well-pleased.” You might reasonably counter: “So why do you believe in Jesus? You’ve never seen, touched, or been touched by him.” My response to you […]

A Jewish Woman Prophet

I’ve been saying it for years and I’ll say it again, any discussion about Israel and Palestine that doesn’t begin and end with the word Occupation is fatally flawed.   Recently I’ve begun saying, along with a growing number of Israeli Jews, the Occupation of Palestine by Israel is not sustainable. This woman could conceivably […]