Bernie or Joe

I’ve been trying to write about this since Saturday morning. I’ve written and rewritten. I’ve completely thrown out everything I thought I wanted to say and started from scratch three times. I’ve gone from trying to be nuanced and caring to being very direct and downright disturbing in saying why I’m all-in for Bernie and entirely against Joe. What I’ve decided this morning is to leave the political and economic discussion to any number of voices that explain very clearly and in great detail why your gut is telling you should not vote for Joe.

[Refer below for two excellent examples.]

So, here’s what the chaplain in me needs to say. In my opinion it isn’t being stated clearly enough. Not yet. Joe’s campaign directors can’t say it, the Democratic Party can’t say it, and most certainly Joe’s wife and family can’t say it. But here’s the very hard truth, Joe is struggling mightily but unsuccessfully to cover up his growing senility. It’s extremely sad and hard to talk about. But, very simply, Joe is not the person he used to be. He’s not the verbally agile person he used to be. He’s not the always on point, always alert person he used to be. Sometimes he doesn’t even know who he’s talking to. In the last couple of weeks he couldn’t remember the word God, couldn’t remember Obama’s name. Heck I’ll say it more directly. When a man’s wife has to cover her shock at being referred to as that same man’s sister. Wait! Why am I still dancing around this? What I really need to say is this. When Jill Biden has to try to hide her shock and dismay at hearing Joe refer to her as his sister we need to notice. When Joe introduces himself with “Hi. I’m Joe Biden and I’m running for the United States Senate,” we need to take notice don’t we? It’s imperative that we do just that.

Sure they can patch him together, maybe, for a debate with Bernie. But through the frightful rigors of going toe to toe, probably several times, with Donald Trump?! C’mon folks you know it don’t you?! The Donald and his best narcissistic sociopath self will chew him up and spit him out!

I know. I know. Fully a third of our population would love to see that happen. I’m not one of them. I really don’t think I could live through another four years of Donald John Trump as my President. Think three or more new right-wing justices on the Supreme Court just for starters. 

But it’s much more than that for me. Again, imagine if you can, what will happen to Joe when he wakes up the day after the election in November. If by some magic Joe has made it to the general election he will have, undeniably, suffered a crushing defeat. Set aside if you can, what that will mean to the country. I will not, cannot as a chaplain ignore how that will literally tear this dear man apart. Face it people! Joe will lose to Trump. He’s always going to be a very nice guy. He’s always going to be the guy who served with Barack Obama. But he’s damaged goods. He will get trounced by Trump! I feel I need to say it again. As hard as that would be for the country, think how devastating that will be for him. It will kill him.

Dear reader, if you love him you cannot, will not vote for him.

OK. Enough of this gut-wrenchingly hard conversation. I’ll end with this very good news. The kinds of revolutionary changes that we would realize from a President Bernard Sanders is that we’d all then be living in a better America. A better America folks. Even those who receive most from this broken system will also live in a better country. The heads of the War Industry and the Fossil Fuel Industry and the Health Insurance Industry and General Motors and Bank of America, and yes even Michael Bloomberg and all the other multi-billionaires will no longer have a strangle-hold in Washington D.C. Think about it.

Finally, there’s one more very important thing that seemingly no one else is willing to bring up. Why are all the network and media outlets so biased against Bernie?! Because if Bernie wins, the billions upon billions of dollars they rely on every two and four years in political advertising will disappear. Let me say it this way, Sean Hannity earns $40 million a year. He’s on top. At or near the bottom is Norah O’Donnel at $8 million. The average for all network and cable news anchors then, is around $24 million. Guess what happens to those numbers if Bernie gets elected, meaning, among other things Citizen’s United goes away. Just sayin’.

I mentioned at the top I would leave the non chaplain stuff to others. One example:

Michael Moore’s podcast here  You’ll hear, for example: “Joe Biden is just as electable as were Hillary and Al Gore and John Kerry”

Here’s another: Nathan J. Robinson on Current Affairs “You really don’t want to nominate Joe Biden”






  1. Richard A Manhire says

    I haven’t the facts put together regarding Joe Biden’s medical/mental standing. Unfortunately, John’s research into Biden’s faux pas’s is deeply concerning as to his fitness to serve as President. I mentioned to my wife recently that I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I had a feeling that Biden was missing some things, not as sharp, not as quick, not quite sensing whatever issue was being discussed. ( I remember toward the end of Reagan’s second term, he relied on his wife to help him during speeches–this was embarrassing and possibly dangerous when evaluating and dispensing information).
    We’re in a tight situation now with basically two candidates remaining. I wish both of them were 10 years younger. Bernie seems sharper than Joe, but also more agitated and angry. Joe is more the kindly next door neighbor who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    I’m sorry Mayor Pete, Kamala Harris, or Corey Booker are not still in the running—all three have more brain power today than Joe Biden. I’m sorry I sense Joe Biden is just tired, running on fumes.

    The problem is that we have to have a candidate who can beat Trump. I like Bernie but I think Joe is that person who can capture the Black vote and eek out a majority of the Hispanic vote. Bernie’s supporters are the young people who are very demonstrable and excited for Bernie, but will they as a large group get out and cast their ballot. I think the jury is still out on that.

    Again, we need to beat Trump. I would rather vote for Bernie, but the momentum is swinging Joe’s way, and we need to beat Trump. Very important will be the selection of a VP candidate. He or she will have a major role in governing this time around. I think Joe’s “handlers” will undeerstand this also.

    Our democracy, our economy, our world respect, can’t afford another four years of egotism and divisiveness.

  2. John Hickox says

    What the heck happened to Bernie last night? Is he sick? Did he hit his head on something? Really! That wasn’t the Bernie Sanders we’ve seen on the campaign trail for the last several months. He looked like I feel after a 15 hour flight across the Atlantic in the Economy section!

    Early in the evening Joe lobbed him an easy ball that he should have knocked out of the park, twice! Something like: “If Universal Health Care is such a great thing, why is Italy in such trouble with Covid-19?” Why did Bernie not jump on that like a cougar on a cat? He could have said:
    “Joe you’re a real nice guy and I like you a lot but there you go again, missing the point. Italy’s problem is it’s leaders initially playing down the looming pandemic as no big deal. Where have we heard that before? Italy didn’t hit hard and fast to contain it like China and South Korea did. That’s why Italy’s in trouble today!!!”

    Bernie just smiled. What the?!

    And not one mention of his strongest issue, Democratic Socialism. It’s like he’s bought into the DNC’s fear that ‘socialism’ is a swear word. It’s not to the 20 and 30-somethings that rose to support him by the many millions. It’s also not an evil word to septuagenarians like me who can tell the difference between socialism and communism.

    I’m afraid, if Bernie doesn’t come out with something like that today, it’s all over.

    • Richard A Manhire says

      At this last debate (Monday, March 15th) Bernie seemed a little out of his normally strong campaign comfort zone. I was impressed with Joe’s quick answer (YES) on the question of picking a woman for his Vice President. Again, Bernie had trouble answering this question straight out. Joe definitely won points with this answer.

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