Do You Know This Woman? If you are, or have ever been a wife and/or a mother you will immediately say “yes, of course I do.” She is strong and good. And she has absolutely no problem being her best, unreservedly compassionate, fully human self. These are qualities we men, even when we know we share them, most often do not … share them that is.

I hope all y’all will watch this video … and then maybe one or two of those that follow. But before you do let me say this. The best sermon I ever preached was called “All The Women Are Strong.” I began with a riff on Garrison Keillor: For sure “… all the men are [definitely not] good looking, [and maybe] all the children are above average.” But without question “all the women are strong!” To illustrate this I referred to the story about the woman at the well and how she must have been a village leader because they all came running back with her to meet “this Jesus guy who just now told me all the secrets of my heart” (my paraphrase of John 4:29)

If you’ve already met Paula D’Arcy, you know she is one of the very best examples we have of this amazing strength and goodness that most all women possess. Some say it’s just because they are the ones who have to go through pregnancy and childbirth. I’m sure that’s part of it. I think it also has a lot to do with the fact that the mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and aunts of the world know they have to keep the weaker gender viable or we all perish. We may well be “the stronger sex” but we are definitely not the stronger gender. (smiley face)