A Song Of Revolution

 If you miss Bob Marley you’ll be happy to hear he was alive and well in Pasadena, CA yesterday. I wish you had been there. But you know what? This video will bring you close.

OK. You’re right, Andre Henry isn’t Bob Marley. But still … you tell me if this beautiful man doesn’t bring the singer-prophet back to life in your heart and soul.

I am reminded that 25 years ago, my Rasta friend in seminary told me two things about Marley I’ve never quite been able to purge from my mind. First, he taught me that in every one of his songs, Marley was calling for revolution. I was okay with that. But for several years I was reticent to accept what else he said—that Bob Marley was the reincarnation of Jesus for our time. Maybe that’s why what happened in church yesterday vibrated deep inside me.

I invite you to watch and listen. See if something doesn’t move in you.

For me there is an energy that comes from knowing there is hope and happiness enough in the world to go out and stop the insanity with our own loving and full hearts. Yes I know. Revolution isn’t very much about beautiful music and smiling faces. I know all about the messiness and pain that goes with opposing corrupt politicians and institutional leaders. I wrote about it on this blog in January, 2017 here, and in September, 2015 here. Revolution isn’t going to happen because we are singing a beautiful song of hope. 

But maybe we can start there?

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