A Senator For All Of Us

If you’ve about given up on our political system, watch this video.

If you thought politicians are “all about the money, all the time,” watch this video.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.

Ben Sasse is the kind of principled Senator we used to expect all of them to be.

Here he is on the Senate floor a week ago speaking to his colleagues on behalf of you and me: “A pox on both your parties and all of your houses. We don’t believe politicians are really even trying to solve the great problems we face. To the grand-standers who would try to use this institution (the Senate), chiefly as a platform for outside pursuits, few believe the country’s needs are as important to you as your own ambitions. The people despise us all … because we’re not doing our jobs.”

Watch Ben Sasse because he’s a statesman, not a politician … a bold, even prophetic man. He is the perfect model for the Change Agents we need many more of in Washington.

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