A Prophet For Our Time

[There’s nothing I might say about this piece from Michael Moore that wouldn’t diminish the message. So here it is, in all its prophetic power]


Two years ago today, we defeated an attempted coup in our country. The attack by domestic terrorists, operating on the orders of a treasonous defeated president, attacked our Capitol and Congress with brutal violence. People died. 535 Americans elected to represent us were forced to run for their lives.

This violent coup was beaten back after hours of pleas to the White House for help. May Trump rot in prison some day for this.

Hours later on January 6, 2021, the elected representatives returned to finish their duty to certify the election of Joe Biden. But 147 of them, all Republicans, re-entered the building that night on January 6th to complete their coup — not with violence, but with their votes. 147 of them voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election and thus overthrow the government. An act of sedition.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution says that any member of the U.S. Congress or the executive branch who gives aid and comfort to any insurrectionists or those who rebel against the U.S. government, is not only to be removed from Congress, they are prohibited from ever holding any office again.

The 118 of them who were reelected to the House were supposed to have been sworn in on Tuesday. But with no Speaker, no one has been sworn in. So the traitors have not taken their seats in the new Congress! One cause of joy that the Republican circus this week has unexpectedly given us.

And one other positive to remember — two years ago today, while those 147 House and Senate members chose to join the attempted coup, nearly 400 House members and Senators chose to stand up to Trump and defeat the insurrection. That’s 73% of Congress who sided with us, the People, and voted to give final certification of the election of Joe Biden.

All is not yet lost. Rise out of the despair. We are the majority. Our actions today will hopefully guarantee a better future, Justice for those to whom it’s been denied, and a possible hope for the planet.

Peace to all today on this 12th day of Christmas, when, as the legend goes, three wise men of color arrived in Bethlehem for a baby shower in a stable of animals, thinking maybe they should show up because perhaps there was someone there who would grow up to preach that the most important mission for each of us is love — love of oneself, love of your neighbors, and the hardest — love of one’s enemies.

Michael Moore

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