A Better Place

Last night I was needing and searching for a way to get back to “a better place.” Not that there was ever a time that didn’t present its own challenges but I think you’d agree there have been times in the past that seemed sublimely free of the challenges we face today. 
This morning the benevolent universe had a great gift for me by way of YouTube, a beautiful memory of a night at the coliseum in Portland when time stood still, full to the brim with happy feelings about myself, the world, the future … total and complete goodness. It was a Sarah McLachlan concert. This may very well have been recorded that night. 
I’m hoping you can put on your headphones and go back with me to that night, 20 or so years ago, and live again some very beautiful sounds, smiling faces, just plain goodness. Simple but exquisite piano chords, pitch perfect voices in right harmony, perfect words forming wonderful worlds. The fact that Sarah has always taken me back to early memories of my mother? Yeah, that’s good too. 

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