Justice and Truth

When we look squarely at injustice and get involved, we actually feel less pain, not more, because we overcome the gnawing guilt and despair that fester under our numbness.  We clean the wound – our own and others – and it can finally heal.”

Desmond Tutu said that. It’s as if he was searching for just the right words to say to you who are looking at this web site right now. It speaks directly to those of you who, for any number of good reasons, wish you could just sign a petition or send a few bucks to fight the issues we deal with here and be done with it. Unfortunately, injustice is much harder than that. Except that it’s not, not really. Bishop Tutu is very clearly telling us how to deal with the mountain of political and economic bovine excrement we Americans are living with today.

This web site is about change. It’s also about truth. One of the most disturbing things about truth? If it is just, it usually “hurts”. But then again, it also “sets us free.”  Of course change is the hardest thing we humans do. We talk a lot about that here.

We talk about Wall Street Investment Bankers who are really good at acting only in their own self-interest. We also talk about how almost all big American corporations, and most global businesses, are always and only about making money for the principals. Capitalism today has little if anything to do with morals and ethics. Sadly, providing a service to customers and clients is very low in importance for the tiny few who lead these organizations.

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