Consider this:  In Hebrew messenger and angel are the same word. Back in 2004 Howard Dean wasn’t being ‘un-presidential’ with his outburst so much as he was just being his passionate self!  He was doing exactly what he said he was doing.  He was showing his appreciation and support for the 3,500 young people who […]

What I Know

July 13, 2005 By Rev. John Newton Hickox [I am writing from the cigar bar in basement of American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem.] As you read this, please remember that often the most patriotic thing we can do is  question our government.  I’ve been accused of being an “anti-semite” for stating what you’ll read […]

Glimpses of Truth in American Media

Just when you thought there might be some progress in this geo-political maelstrom called the Middle East. For a wake-up call click here: NY Times headline says it all…”New Leaders Are Emerging For Al Qaeda”


I am sitting in the iconic Cigar Bar of the American Colony Hotel here in East Jerusalem. As I watched the coverage this morning of today’s suicide bombing on the very bus #14 I rode on Jaffa Street last August I am moved to make this humble request of you: Please say to everyone you […]