All The Women Are Strong

Do You Know This Woman? If you are, or have ever been a wife and/or a mother you will immediately say “yes, of course I do.” She is strong and good. And she has absolutely no problem being her best, unreservedly compassionate, fully human self. These are qualities we men, even when we know we […]

Mission Possible

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it,” is to read this piece through to the end. Unfortunately whether or not you admit Chris Hedges is right, the truths he’s telling will not go away. Here’s the thing though, ignoring this admittedly disturbing article won’t work in the long run. The fact that you’re reading […]

Such A Friend

  One can only hope fervently for a friend who will love us enough to offer such a eulogy when we let go of this life. More importantly, is there any reason all of us can not strive to live a life worthy of such a eulogy?! Chris Hedges said this last Wednesday as he […]


One way to avoid compassion fatigue is to find a teacher, a mentor, who is so full of passion and compassion that s/he instills that same energy in us. Chris Hedges does that for me. About the time I’m pretty sure I have nothing left to put into fighting for the justice issues discussed on […]

Compassion Fatigue I and II

There are two kinds or dimensions of compassion fatigue. Critical Care Nurses may get the first kind. Homeless advocates often suffer this fatigue. Hospital and Hospice Chaplains are vulnerable to this kind of tired. This particular brand of burnout is experienced most identifiably by people who go to work every day and all day knowing […]

Too Much

I don’t know what all y’all do when, with William Wordsworth you feel “The world is too much with us, late and soon…” For me, finding nourishing and nurturing writings by folks who seem blessed with a kind of incurable optimism does the job. Here’s a recent example from my favorite cowboy. His name is […]