Ralph Nader Was/Is Right

You need to watch this. Among the things you’ll learn: Why Nader doesn’t think Trump will be the Republican nominee. For you millions of Bernie Sanders supporters, here is how to really help him. If you have only 2 minutes to give to this video, click in at 13:30 and out at 15:30. Nader is […]

The Paucity of Paris

Do you agree with the so-called Paris Agreement? I don’t. Apparently I’m in good company. James Hansen, adjunct professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University and former head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies says it’s just “bovine excrement.” (my rendition of his more colloquial descriptor) The 196 […]

A Broader Kinship for Christmas

If you’re like me the idea of giving and receiving more of the normal “stuff” this Christmas might not be very appealing. But what if your family, your familiar and comfortable kin, would become radically inclusive this year and welcome in a true stranger? How about a black-clad Muslim woman from your local community college? […]

A Senator For All Of Us

If you’ve about given up on our political system, watch this video. If you thought politicians are “all about the money, all the time,” watch this video. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did. Ben Sasse is the kind of principled Senator we used to expect all of them to be. Here he is […]

All The Women Are Strong

Do You Know This Woman? If you are, or have ever been a wife and/or a mother you will immediately say “yes, of course I do.” She is strong and good. And she has absolutely no problem being her best, unreservedly compassionate, fully human self. These are qualities we men, even when we know we […]

Mission Possible

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it,” is to read this piece through to the end. Unfortunately whether or not you admit Chris Hedges is right, the truths he’s telling will not go away. Here’s the thing though, ignoring this admittedly disturbing article won’t work in the long run. The fact that you’re reading […]

Boycott Israeli Settlements

Is Israel is “our best friend in the Middle East?” No. They are not. Is our only option with ISIS to try to kill them? Nope. Do you think “the church” is largely irrelevant in today’s world?  It’s not. And further, if you think boycotting and divesting from and sanctioning the Apartheid regime in South […]

Such A Friend

  One can only hope fervently for a friend who will love us enough to offer such a eulogy when we let go of this life. More importantly, is there any reason all of us can not strive to live a life worthy of such a eulogy?! Chris Hedges said this last Wednesday as he […]

Another Prophetic Gem From Donna

I’m unabashedly using this blog to forward Donna Schaper’s latest piece to you in its entirety. In the past I’ve mentioned something she has said or written and offered my own thoughts. I’m not doing that now because, very simply, her message here needs nothing added. And anything I might say would be a distraction. […]

Charlie Hales and Political Morality

I ran across this on Facebook this morning:  “Why the hell don’t more people care!?!” My response? “Because we only care about what puts money in our pockets, that’s why.” Of course there are other reasons folks don’t seem to care. They include having to deal with a personal health issue, meeting a work deadline, […]